Everybody desires to rule the world, but only a few actually can… unless we’re talking about superheroes, then it’s much more common.

Everybody wants to rule the world, right? Well, thankfully not. For every wannabe dictator, there’s millions of regular folks that just want to be ordinary Joes. But in the realm of superheroes, there are plenty of megalomaniacs that try to take over the world on a regular basis. Whether they are just plain mad, or they genuinely believe they are the best man or woman for the job, there has never been a shortage of overly ambitious baddies that have sought after the biggest throne of all. Fortunately for the rest of us, there is an abundance of spandex clad good guys out there that are willing to risk life and limb to stop them. You can support your favorite characters protecting the world with this image collection: Shirtdemand.com

But what if those heroes chose to go bad? Which ones possess the power and skills to take over the world? While big names like Lex Luthor, Ultron or Doctor Doom are constantly seeking world domination, others, like Magneto, simply want to shape the world into a better place. While “taking over the world” is typically a villain’s plan, heroes are not immune to it. Well, there is plenty to be honest, and in some alternate continuities, these heroes actually elected to do just that.

Iron Man


To begin with, a super-rich hero that could purchase his way into the presidency is Iron Man. Tony Stark has frequently shown that he feels his virtuoso methods he knows better compared to other heroes, and he betrayed them in the past in quest for what he accepts he is correct (see Star Wars Movies). Should he do so once more, and in the White House no less, he could utilize the assets of the U.S. government to mass produce Iron Man drones and implement his mastery of the planet. Undoubtedly, if he somehow managed to consolidate Stark tech with Sentinel innovation, he could make enormous Sentinel-sized Iron Men adequately incredible to vanquish the planet just as kill any superhuman opposition.

With gigantic mechanical assets, apparently limitless assets, and perhaps various superhumans faithful to his motivation, worldwide mastery would be very feasible for Iron Man. It’s great for the Marvel universe that he appears to be unengaged in administering the world… for now.



There are few superheroes causing as many philosophical discussions as Superman. The man from a different universe with the force of God is seen by some as a savior-like figure, sent by his dad to save us from ourselves. There are surely a lot of moral stories to dismantle with regards to his beginnings. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where he was not shipped off save us, yet to lead us. It was the focal inquiry of both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, alongside innumerable different comics, and it keeps on being an intriguing reason.

Notwithstanding his shortcoming to kryptonite, Superman remains quite possibly the most impressive creature in all of comic book history, and his silver-age variant was practically relentless. On the off chance that he decided to, he could clear out the greater part of the individuals who might go against him effortlessly. On the off chance that he had the opportunity to design (or rather, if his adversary did not), he could burn Batman from a good way, some time before the Caped Crusader got the opportunity to make a kryptonite weapon.

With such a lot of God-like force available to him, we are fortunate he’s a good guy.



Hulk is the strongest one there is.” While a few heroes and villains approach, when the Hulk gets frantic, his solidarity increments dramatically, apparently unbounded. During the occasions of World War Hulk, he crushed and detained most of Earth’s heroes and constrained them to fight each other in reprisal for banishing him and (apparently) causing the demise of his better half. While Hulk was at last crushed by the only hero who could coordinate with him, The Sentry, he basically tossed the battle after finding the foul play of his partner Mike.

Should Hulk at any point wish to later on, he might actually overcome the whole Avengers list on the off chance that he were sufficiently irritated. Or then again, in the event that he was in one of his more intelligent pretenses, for example, the Professor Hulk or The Maestro, he could utilize tricky technique and his a-list logical psyche to crush them.

While Hulk stays a for the most part courageous figure, he will in general do fight with other legends reasonably regularly. Should he at any point go completely to the clouded side, not many would have the option to remain against him for long. The only inquiry would be, what might be left of the world in the result?



Before the cutting-edge time of heroes, Thor was one of few creatures to walk the Earth with the forces of a god. Had he been so disposed, he might have administered the world hundreds of years prior with only creatures, for example, Apocalypse, Selene, and Exodus having the capacity to stop him. On the off chance that he’d done as such, the world might have looked totally different, and we would have a Marvel universe where Viking society was the prevailing power on Earth. In one substitute course of events, Thor (utilizing the Odinforce) did run the world for a long time. He fixed the course of events, fortunately, and this will not happen.

At his exemplary force levels, only Hulk and maybe Doctor Strange can outperform him in strength and wizardry, individually. On the off chance that possessing the Odinforce, Thor likely could have the option to crush the two of them. Positively, he could utilize Mjolnir to open an entry to the opposite side of the world and send Hulk there, dispensing with the most impressive resistance he would probably face. To be sure, only Thor’s conduct could be utilized against him, however if he somehow happened to utilize his long stretches of intelligence for his potential benefit, he likely could be beyond what anybody could deal with.

Prior to the modern age of heroes, Thor was one of few beings to walk the Earth with the powers of a god. Had he been so inclined, he could have ruled the world centuries ago with only beings such as Apocalypse, Selene, and Exodus having the potential to stop him. If he’d done so, the world could have looked very different and we would have a Marvel universe where Viking culture was the dominant force on Earth. In one alternate timeline, Thor (using the Odinforce) did rule the world for many years. He undid the timeline, thankfully, and this will not come to pass.